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Azriel Aviation Africa provides client-focused solutions and innovative insurance

Azriel, in its Hebrew origin means “God is my help” – a philosophy that our origination not only supports, but uses as the foundation that guides us in the way we undertake business.

Azriel Aviation Africa provides client-focused solutions and innovative insurance for jets, turbo-props, all fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft as well as Hot Air Balloons. We also offer cover in respect of Airport Operators & Owners Liability, Deductible Buy-Down insurance, Hangarkeeper’s and Repairer’s Liability insurance as well as turbine-engine breakdown cover.

Policies are underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, a licensed non-life insurer and authorized FSP 75

Hull All Risks

Covering the aircraft itself against any physical damage subject to certain conditions & exclusions.

Hull War Risks

Covering the aircraft against damage arising from terrorist activities, malicious damage, confiscation by foreign countries, Hi-Jacking etc.


Maintenance Liability Cover

Covering the AMO’s liability to the public in respect of liability that may emanate from their premises, their liability in respect of aircraft that may be in their care, custody & control or from liability rising due to defective workmanship

Legal Liability

Legal Liability to Third Parties, Passengers and in respect of Cargo

Areodome Owner

Aerodome Owner / Operators Liability Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance to pilots and passengers


What makes AAA special in terms of service, claims and turn around?

We believe the level of brokers’ ability to service the needs of their clients is hugely dependant on the service they will receive from the Insurer. When we offer our brokers unparalleled service excellence, they in turn are able to pass that level of service on to their clients. This ensures mutually rewarding relationships.

Due to the nature and demands of aviation it is crucial that Azriel Aviation Africa guarantee their brokers a speedy turnaround time, from the quotation phase right through to the claim settlement phase. The handling of claims, in our mind, is the single most important gauge for a broker and client to use, in order to judge our service. From the moment we are notified of a potential claim we take control in appointing qualified assessors – right up to the stage where the claim is settled. Unlike other companies all claim settlements are processed by our office. We further undertake to provide our brokers, on a weekly basis, with progress reports relating to their clients’ claims.

Innovation is Key

We endeavour to stay abreast of developments in the aviation market to provide our brokers with the latest developments and innovative ideas. We therefore subscribe to various aviation magazines (local & international) as well as making daily visits via the internet to sites such as Aviation Safety Network, Avcom, Airliners.Net, to mention but a few.

As most aircraft have a US Dollar value we subscribe to the Aircraft Bluebook to verify retail values of aircraft in the United States of America and receive Quarterly up-dates from them. Over the years we have also developed relationships with certain key Lloyds Aviation Syndicates and utilise these relationships to keep track of developments in the overseas markets. We can therefore provide our brokers with developments on a global basis as well.

Jan Coetzee the CEO of Azriel Aviation Africa holds a current Private Pilot’s License and belongs to AOPA (Aircraft Owners Pilots Association) and therefore has an understanding of the challenges that pilots, aircraft owners & operators face from time to time.

Relationships are Fundamental

Although we have all embraced the “electronic age” of e-mails, internet, texting, virtual meetings and so on, with open arms, we believe that meeting and interacting with our brokers and their clients, on a face-to-face basis, has immeasurable benefits over technology. Visits to brokers’ offices are one of our top priorities to solidify relationships and pre-empt / defuse any potential problems or eliminate any misunderstandings (which can occur when communicating by e-mail only).

We have realised that dealing in and with aviation insurance, requires a different mind-set. Our office hours for example simply cannot just be from 08H00 to 17H00 during the week only. We have to be available at all hours, 365 days, 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is our philosophy. This is due to the demands and the nature of aviation.

All our brokers have our direct contact details with the understanding that they can contact us at any time, either by phone or by e-mail.

Our Team

Jan Coetzee


Jan has been involved in the Aviation Insurance market since 1988 and has been managing underwriting agencies since 1995. He is involved in running the company on a day-to-day basis and believes that ‘unparalleled service excellence’ is the key to ensuring success in a very competitive market.

Lindie Coetzee


Lindie is responsible for Public Relations as well as Human Resources. She believes that integrity is at the foundation of excellence and that this key value is foundational to building meaningful relationships and business, both internally and externally.

Jason Coetzee

Strategic Manager

Jason completed his Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Pretoria in 2014 and joined our team in 2015. He is responsible for the constant evaluation of company procedures and systems to ensure that Azriel continues to provide our clients with innovative solutions and unparalleled service.

Lindi Sibeko

Accounts Manager

Lindie has been working with Jan since 2005 and ensures the company’s credit control remains up to date. She believes that finance is fundamental to good business and she is proud to be involved in such a critical portfolio of the company.

Hlalani Mlalazi


Hlalani joined our team in 2017 and quickly flourished into a valuable team member despite having no prior experience in the industry. She believes hard work and dedicating yourself fully is what leads to professional and successful business, a principle she practices on a daily basis.

Anthea Coetzee

Underwriting Clerk

Anthea is the newest member of the team and joined us at the start of 2022. She studies underwriting under Jason and is also responsible for Administration and Compliance. She is excited to be part of such a dedicated team, working together to achieve excellence.

Trust us with your insurance needs.

Jan Coetzee


Tel: 011 467 5959
Fax: 086 507 8138
Cell: 082 604 5127

P.O. Box 2747, Lonehill, 2062

Jason Coetzee


Tel: 011 467 5959
Fax: 086 507 8138
Cell: 082 498 4442

P.O. Box 2747, Lonehill, 2062

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