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Claims & Repair Costs

Example 1


Piper Seminole that carried out a “wheels-up” landing.

Replacement of 2 propellers


= R 491,200.00 excl VAT

*Engine Shock-load Inspection

R 188,950.35 @ 2 engines

= R 377,900.70 excl VAT

Airframe repairs

R 310,442.95

= R 310,442.95 excl VAT


Total cost of claim

= R 1,179,543.65 excl VAT

*Please note that the engines fitted to the insured aircraft are "roller tappet" engines. It is mandatory to replace the rollers tappets when undertaking a shock load inspection or overhaul. This increased the cost of the shock load inspections by R 112 280 (R 56 130 each).


Example 2


The aircraft carry out an emergency landing in Rwanda and was insured for US$ 500,000.00. The crash site was approximately 30 minutes of flying time away from Kigali International Airport. As the aircraft crashed in a mountainous area at 6,725 feet the wreck had to be slung out with a Rwandan Air Force Mil17 helicopter. The recovery costs (including fees for Rwanda CAA officials) from Rwanda to South Africa amounted to R 341,000.00.

The spares (as obtained from the Robinson factory) alone to repair the aircraft cost US$ 198,801.76 00. At date of settlement the Rand / US$ rate of exchange was R 14.06 to US$ 1.00 which meant the Rand equivalent was R 2,795,152.74 excl VAT. The main rotor-blade assembly was US$ 49,500.00. In the end the claim was settled for a total amount of R 4,343,053.00 inclusive of VAT.


The aircraft after it was repaired in South Africa by Transvaal Aircraft Maintenance @ Wonderboom


Example 3


The aircraft sustained extensive damage when during an autorotation the student allowed the rotor RPM to decay. The Instructor took over control and attempted, unsuccessfully, to recover some of the rotor RPM. The Instructor did a slide on landing, but unfortunately the left skid collapsed causing the helicopter to roll onto the left side.

Robinson R 44 helicopters have a life limit of certain parts of 2 200 hours or 12 years, whichever occurs soonest. At the time of the accident the helicopter I question had flown 988 hours out of a 2 200 hour life. Betterment based on the hours flown out of a 2 200 hour life would have been 45% of the life limited parts. The helicopter was manufactured in 2008 and betterment based on the calendar life of 12 years would have been 58% of the life limited parts.

The aircraft was insured for R 3,650,000.00 excl VAT and the total amount paid to have the aircraft repaired and returned to service amounted to R 2,627,029.00 inclusive of VAT.


The aircraft after it was repaired in South Africa by Transvaal Aircraft Maintenance @ Wonderboom